Here is my party, better sites dedicated to characters from Final Fantasy IV. I have a lot of great affiliates, so I'm not really active about looking for more, but if you're interested in affiliating with my site, feel free to hit me up by e-mail and we can discuss.

Amends Amends is Alex's intriguing shrine to Kain, Final Fantasy IV's resident backdownstabber. Amends is super informative, and has a great selection of media, but Alex's unique observations and connections are what make this site a treat for me. Where else are you going to read about Final Fantasy hero disease™?

Lightbringer Lightbringer is Alex's second FF4 site, the one and only shrine online dedicated to Final Fantasy IV's main hero, Cecil. Alex more than fills the Cecil void on the internet, offering insightful articles, media goodies, and some all around fun like a fashion page - Why isn't Cecil wearing pants?

Human Grace Human Grace is Emma's stellar Kain tribute. Emma has covered Kain and Final Fantasy IV thoroughly. Whether you've never played the game before, or are a long-time fan, you'll find something to appreciate here. I like her articles on Kain's mythological references and the dragoon class.

Nymph Back in the day, Rydia sites used to be all the rage. I've visited a lot of them, and I have to say, Sofia's Nymph is my favorite. Sofia's articles are not only interesting and informative, but thought-provoking. Sofia's insight is worth reading whether you're new to the game or a long-time fan like myself.

Fanlisting Affiliates

Fanlisting affiliation is open to any Final Fantasy-related fanlisting. If you'd like to affiliate, please hit me up by e-mail.

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These are related sites I run. If you like Requiem, I think you'll like these.

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